Exiled Stormcrow, daughter of its last Chieftain


The oldest daughter of Solemn, last chieftain of the Stormcrow tribe. Like most of her kind, Dyrdruh was driven east, into the Nentir Vale, by the encroaching Yuan-Ti threat. There, she took up residence at the Nentir River along with other refugees from the twelve tribes. As the tribes came together, ancient feuds and struggles for power flared within the camp. Lacking leadership, the Stormcrow fell further from greatness among those gathered. Rather than become involved in petty squabbling, Dyrdruh focused on doing all she could to tend to the wounded, physically and mentally, of the war. Even as her own tribe lost influence, day by day, to the Sky Eagle tribe and its Cult of Gruumsh, Dyrdruh found her own sway growing among the encampment—orcs of all tribes, all walks of life, respected her sacrifice and in so doing found it in themselves to grieve with her.

Codrus and his entourage first met Dyrdruh when they sought out the orcs to invite them into an organized war against the Yuan-Ti invaders. It was she who acquiesced to the Sky Eagle’s authority and deferred the party to the Eye of Gruumsh, its new leader. Dyrdruh had been wise enough to realize that only a united orcish people could possibly aid Ruul in the war, and whether she liked it or not the Sky Eagle were far closer to fulfilling that dream than her own tribe. This decision would prove ultimately tragic for the Stormcrow heiress—when the party returned from a journey into the Cloak Wood, to recover an item of value to the Cult in exchange for its backing in the war should it succeed in securing power over the twelve tribes, they came with Dyrdruh’s lost sister, Denvuh, in tow. What the party had not expected was for the soon to be resurrected warlord Gruumsh to hold Denvuh accountable for her crimes against the tribes, notably her role in the theft of the Cult’s artifact, once he secured power over the people. In a brutal spectacle, Denvuh was slain, and with her Dyrdruh’s last ties to the newly formed orc nation.

In the wake of her grief and with nothing left for her among Gruumsh’s united people, Dyrdruh joined Codrus and his entourage, to return with them to Saruun Khel and follow along on their journeys. She still travels with them, on her own personal quest to find a new purpose, a new family, a new tribe to call her own, and to fill the void which was left in her heart as Gruumsh’s blade pierced her sister’s own.


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