The Chronicles of Uth

The Coppernight Mines

Season One, Episode Two (Air date: 6/10/2010)

Even as Codrus, Gnash, and Rog did their king’s bidding within the depths of Saruun Khel, two newcomers made their way into the undermountain city’s gates for the first time: Jinsoku, outcast of a kenku flock, and the bugbear ranger Culgecka. Having recently met, the two connected quickly as traveling companions in the dangerous wilderness. Quite unexpectedly, several armed members of Torm’s militia approached Jinsoku and Culgecka shortly after their arrival. They explained that all newcomers to the city must enter into a period of servitude to earn the right to be there, and then drafted them into the Ruul militia. Little did they know, at that very moment Torm was receiving advisement which would tie their fates inextricably to Codrus, Gnash, and Rog.

When the three agents returned from the gnoll lair, Jinsoku and Culgeka were also summoned to Torm’s chambers. There, the five met one another for the first time. Codrus relayed to Torm their discoveries in the lair. After the debriefing, Torm pledged to have the strange lair investigated further. However, more pressing matters required attention. Torm informed the party that a “very important shipment” had yet to arrive from the nearby Coppernight Mine. Further, neither the kobold slaves nor their overlords had sent any form of word. The king tasked the party with investigating the strange silence.

The journey to Coppernight Mine took several days. During restful evenings, beneath the star filled skies of Uth, the party obseved a strange new object in the heavens: a magnificent shooting star, making its way through the firmament, growing vaster and brighter with each passing night.

The party reached the mines to discover the bodies of the mine’s slain overlords, and rebellious kobold slaves run amok. Knowing the party must have been sent to set things right, the kobolds attacked and the party had no choice but to cut them down mercilessly.

Descending into the mine, the party encountered another group of kobolds. These were not so quick to enter combat, however. One of them stepped forward, identifying himself as, " Sarna, voice of the great wyrm," and cautioned the party that they should flee, “for Coppernight no longer wrestles within the iron fists of Torm, but rests in the caring hands of the great wyrm.” The party considered their options. Knowing that to slay all the kobolds would leave the mine crippled until replacements could be sent, they opted to try convincing Sarna and his followers of the error of their ways, while also fishing for further information about the mysterious great wyrm.

Though it took considerable effort, the party was able to convince Sarna and his followers to lay down their arms and flee the mine until the threat of the great wyrm could be dealt with. As parting guidance, Sarna cautioned the party that diplomacy would be far less likely to work on the most fanatical loyalists of the wyrm who awaited the party deeper within.

Making their way into the final chambers of the mine, the party discovered a creature the likes of which they had never seen before: a strange, serpentlike being with white scales, surrounded by the remaining slaves of the mine. The party found themselves somewhat terrified by the extent to which this creature seemed to have succeeded in enthralling all those gathered around it. Barking orders in a language the party could not understand, the wyrm revealed its intelligence and led an attack against the party. In the end, the creature and its servants fell under the blades of the victorious party.

Quick thinking on the part of Culgeka led to the severing of the wyrm’s head, so that it might be brought back to Saruun Khel for study by other, wiser men; yet before a further investigation of the mine could begin a strange reverberation shook the support structure. Gathering their gear and their wits, the party made a hasty exit.

They emerged from the mine to see the shooting star, which they had observed in wonder throughout the course of their overland journey, as it broke cloudcover at unnatural speed along the horizon. It struck the surface of Uth with such great violence that, despite its considerable distance from their location, it shook the ground beneath their feet much as its overhead passing had no doubt caused the reverberations within the mine moments before.

Awestruck, Codrus, Culgecka, Gnash, Jinsoku, and Rog looked on as a conflagration of fire and unimaginable destruction consumed ground and sky far off in the distance.



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