The Chronicles of Uth

A Savage Justice

Season One, Pilot Episode (Air date: 2/18/2010)

It began with a summons.

The goblin sorcerer Gnash and orc warlord Rog made their way to the throne room of their king, the minotaur warlord Torm. There, they met with the minotaur Codrus, a ranking member of the Ruul militia, and learned of a band of gnoll raiders, lurking deep within the labyrinthine cave systems of the undermountain city of Saruun Khel. Investigations had come to identify the gnolls as responsible for a pervasive string of disappearances among slaves within nearby mines, and sites of various construction projects in the most distant depths of the growing city. Fearing the disappearances would cause unrest among the slaves, leading to a major setback on the road to Torm’s grand plans in the form of a bloody revolt, the king charged the three with venturing to the lair of the gnolls and working together to deliver brutal justice upon them.

What they discovered, upon their arrival at the gnoll lair, was no simple cave. In fact, it seemed as if the very cavern itself had been constructed into a series of rooms using an architectural style alien to that of Ruul. Serpentine etchings were noted on the pillars, and ornate tile flooring, after the gnoll guards within the entryway were cut down.

Journeying deeper into the lair, the goblin Gnash found himself struck with an unexpected vision as he made contact with a strange, thronelike structure lurking beneath a menacing archway within the room: a landcape of undeniable beauty, grazed upon by healthy, hearty game, suddenly withered, faded, and died, as if some fell catastrophe or plague had brought all life abruptly to an end. Even the sky seemed to burn with strange colors and light. Gnash chose not to mention this vision to his companions, and they continued their journey.

It did not take much longer for them to swiftly cut down the remainder of the gnolls, bringing an end to the threat they posed. After a short rest, they finished up their investigations of the strange architecture and etching, and made their way back to the king.



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