Ascendant of Order, Formerly King of Ruul


The former king of Ruul, the minotaur empire, Torm is one of the first great warlords who dreamed of doing more than merely conquering the wilderness and peoples around him. He sought to build one of the first great civilizations of Uth. Before abdicating his throne to Codrus I, Torm’s iron fist and strategic acumen extended the borders of his territory throughout the Nentir Vale, to the Cairngorm Mountains, which in those days still rose high along the full westernmost length of the region, and the impassable Dawnforge Mountains to the east. While Ruul during this era was populated mostly by minotaurs, a sizeable volume of outcasts from orc tribes both beyond its borders and roaming its plains allied themselves with the young kingdom, finding among its ranks a surrogate tribe. Neighboring goblin tribes also engaged in trade with the empire, and the occasional Kenku flock made nest within its borders, which proved far safer to operate within than the wilderness beyond. Despite this, the most sizeable population besides minotaurs during this time were the Kobolds, on whose backs as slaves the kingdom’s foundation was built. Torm wrestled with this reality throughout the course of his reign, and hoped one day to bring slavery to an end, though he found it necessary in the formulative years of his kingdom.

Torm’s grand plan to bring equality to Ruul would begin to see fruition with the creation of the copper bit: Uth’s first currency. However, its implementation would not come to pass during Torm’s reign, and would fall instead to his successor, for Fate had other plans for the first heroic king of Uth. During the final days of Torm’s reign, the god Tharizdun, creator of Uth and Lord of Chaos, was cast to earth by his three daughters. In order to save the Creation from his rage at their coup, the daughters crafted a great Abyss and a prison in which to bind their father. To give the prison power, they required the life energy of a powerful being whose nature was in direct opposition to that of their father. Torm’s lifelong dedication to the forging of Order in the world around him would be the source of its creation. In a reality shattering event, which historians remember as The Chaining of Tharizdun, Torm sacrificed his life essence to help the daughters bind Tharizdun to their prison, saving reality from utter destruction. The process resulted in the interweaving of Torm’s energy with the power of the deity, and Torm ascended, thus becoming the first mortal being to attain godhood. Torm, as a newly born deity, assailed the Chaos sphere and cast it down, and his newly formed sphere of Order took its place of power within the pantheon of Uth.

Though no longer mortal, Torm still holds a special love for the kingdom of Ruul and its people, and he is worshipped there even above the Elder Goddesses, as the head of their pantheon.


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