Elder Goddess of Darkness


While Ascendants retain a few vestige, unchangeable elements of appearance when they appear to others, such as the trappings of race, with the Elder Goddesses beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder: any who looks on an Elder Goddess always sees her as a member of their own race, and further as whatever that individual considers to be the most perfect and stunning female specimen of their species in the furthest recesses of their subconscious desires.


Shar is the firstborn daughter of Tharizdun, Lord of Chaos. She conspired with her sisters, Avandra and Chauntea, to cast her father into the Abyss and claim control of his creation, the world of Uth, for themselves. However, Shar remains an enigma. The Advents of Ruul first caught sight of her conspiring with the great dragon Dal’Sarnquin as well as his Yuan-Ti allies, and yet they would later find her standing side by side with them at the Chaining of Tharizdun, as they worked together to save all of reality from their angry father’s wrath.

The full extent of Shar’s alliances with others, her opinions of Ruul, her involvement with her sisters, and her ultimate motives remain shrouded in mystery.


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