Foreman, Saruun Khel Worker's Union


Though at first his life was no different than all other Kobolds of Ruul, Sarna would prove to be an important figure in the nation’s history. His relevance within the empire began during his time as a slave under the reign of King Torm. Sarna was one of many kobolds working the copper rich mines of the Nentir Vale, as part of Torm’s goal of creating formal currency. While working the Coppernight Mines, Sarna and many of his fellow Kobolds fell under the psychic influence of a White Dragon wyrmling. The wyrmling compelled the Kobolds to overthrow their Minotaur masters, and a revolt broke out in the mines. After the successful coup, the Kobolds began to worship the wyrm which took up residence in the Coppernight Mines as its lair. When the Advents of Ruul arrived at the mine to investigate, on behalf of their king, it was Sarna who led the ambush at the entrance in an attempt to end the threat the investigators posed to his new god’s lair.

When the Advents caught up with Sarna within the mine’s halls, Codrus led a negotiation with the Kobold and convinced him and his followers to lay down their arms and give him and his allies information on the threat of the wyrm deeper within the mines, in exchange for a stay of execution and safe passage out of the Coppernight Mines.

After leaving the mines, Sarna returned, on the surface, to some semblance of his former life. Yet, though the wyrmling’s psychic hold over his thoughts was broken when the Advents of Ruul slew it, the events as a whole opened Sarna’s eyes to the reality faced by his people. Those eyes would never again be shut, and lead him to follow a path of dangerous, yet progressive, destiny…


The Chronicles of Uth Wintermancer