Marshall, 5th Company, 1st Legion, Army of Ruul


A Warlord who leads by example rather than orders. In fact… he rarely speaks at all.


Rog was born to the nomadic tribes of Orcs that roam the plains of Uth. He displayed the aptitudes for a warlord very early in life. The children around him followed his lead in most games when they realized that they could not win fighting against him. One day the group of children surrounding him, being regaled by his exploits, crossed the path of a rival tribe. They overheard Rog mention that the men of his tribe had gone hunting. When the children returned to camp they found it in ruins with their mothers and sisters dead or brutalized. Rog led the children in a guerilla attack against their rivals. Though some of his friends were killed in the attempt, Rog coordinated a wildly effective campaign that wiped out the other tribe to a man.

From that day forward Rog only spoke when he felt it was absolutely necessary.

While his rationality is what drives his actions most of the time, he despises any kind of coerced subjugation. This makes his religious convictions somewhat less devout than many around him. He will only serve gods who do not require blind faith and mindless devotion. He has yet to find one such as this, so he is mostly agnostic. No one around him will ever know this. He rarely even speaks to command his warriors in battle. His conversational opportunities being a bit less than he’d like, he does not share personal details with anyone.

His silence is not by way of contempt or even shyness, Rog realizes that knowledge is power and speaking is the best way to lose the power one has acquired.


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