Captain, Arkhosian Expeditionary Force


During the beginning of the Nentir Vale Campaign of the conflict recalled historically as the War of Wyrms, Di-Kala served as a scout for the Yuan-Ti kingdom of Zannad. While her reconaissance unit performed its duties, they found themselves unexpectedly bested by clever goblin brigands. They massacred Di-Kala’s unit and took her captive. The Yuan-Ti scout would find unexpected allies in the Advents of Ruul, who had never seen her kind before and, though wary, had yet to determine that she may be an enemy or in service of another empire of comparable strength to Ruul. Indeed, at that time the very thought that other empires may exist outside the minotaur kingdom remained unconsidered. When the Advents of Ruul stumbled upon the goblin brigands, they slew the thugs and rescued Di-Kala. A language barrier remained between them and their newfound companion, but it became quickly evident the displaced Yuan-Ti intended to travel with them.

Di-Kala accompanied the Advents of Ruul on their journey to Crossroads, where she assisted Jinsoku in the slaying of his nemesis Kenzukuo’s flock, and proved an invaluable ally during their conflict with the Gnawstubble clan while investigating the fallen star which would later prove to be an outcast god. She slipped away, in the night, from their camp as they began to return eastward to Saruun Khel to report their findings, but the Advents would encounter her again not long later, after being captured by the early strike forces of Zannad. At that time, she repaid her debt to them by helping them flee the dungeon in which they found themselves, clandestinely returning to them their gear so they could make an armed escape.


The Chronicles of Uth Wintermancer