Elder Goddess of Life


While Ascendants retain a few vestige, unchangeable elements of appearance when they appear to others, such as the trappings of race, with the Elder Goddesses beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder: any who looks on an Elder Goddess always sees her as a member of their own race, and further as whatever that individual considers to be the most perfect and stunning female specimen of their species in the furthest recesses of their subconscious desires.


The middle child of Tharizdun, Lord of Chaos, Chauntea is the Elder Goddess of Life. Together with her sisters, she conspired to overthrow her father and cast him into the Abyss. There her alliance with her siblings ended, who disagree with Chauntea’s insistence on taking an active interest in the kingdom of Ruul. During the early days of the civilization, Chauntea often appeared to the warlord Torm and offered guidance to help him find victory in laying the foundation of his dream. As years marched on, she began to spend far more time wandering the lands of Uth in her mortal guise, making herself far more at home within the boundaries of his kingdom than alongside her father and sisters. Following Torm’s ascension, Chauntea continues to serve the kingdom of Ruul throughout the War of Wyrms as chief advisor to its new king, Codrus.


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