Elder Goddess of Fate


While Ascendants retain a few vestige, unchangeable elements of appearance when they appear to others, such as the trappings of race, with the Elder Goddesses beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder: any who looks on an Elder Goddess always sees her as a member of their own race, and further as whatever that individual considers to be the most perfect and stunning female specimen of their species in the furthest recesses of their subconscious desires.


As the youngest daughter of Tharizdun, Lord of Chaos, Avandra stands as the Elder Goddess of Fate, and conspired along with her sisters in the Chaining of her father. Avandra kept her existence hidden from mortals for far longer than her siblings, only deigning to reveal herself in any form mere moments before the final stages in their plan to bind her father in the Abyss commenced. While her sister Chauntea delights in walking among the mortals openly, and her eldest sister Shar delights in lurking in mortal shadows, Avandra finds herself drawn to studying the roads through time, which are forged by each and every mortal choice and lead to an inexorable conclusion of grand scope the goddess has long foreseen, accepts as innevitable, and holds as secret. She often gives mortals glimpses of these roads, at moments of great choice, and scrutinizes their decisions with a curiosity bordering on insensitive disassociation.


The Chronicles of Uth Wintermancer