The Chronicles of Uth

The Battle of Saruun Khel

Season Two, Episode One (Air date: 12/2/2010)

The streets of Saruun Khel ran mad with chaos as the Ruul militia fought hard to beat back the Yuan-Ti invaders and their human slaves. Deep within the labyrinthine cave systems of Thunderspire Mountain, Yuan-Ti poured forth like a flood through an arcane teleportation matrix, butchering kobold slaves and their minotaur slavemasters without discrimination. One such kobold, called Kazakorn, drifted into sleep as he bled out on the cavern floor. As the battle raged around his unconscious form, Torm appeared in a dream. He explained to Kazakorn that he was no longer king, but had become something more, and that the kobolds would play an important role in the fate of the kingdom. He called upon Kazakorn to stand as his champion, to help Uth’s heir, Codrus, properly guide their fate. Upon his acceptance of the charge, power flooded into him, a gift from the new deity, creating Uth’s first paladin.

He woke to find himself surrounded by the bodies of the dead. Alone nearby and preparing to battle the Yuan-Ti who bore down on him stood Buteo, a minotaur shaman. Lurking in the shadows nearby, an unseen survivor of the surprise attack—Lorzod, a bugbear ranger—tried to settle on his own course of action. At this precise moment, Chauntea’s portal opened and Codrus, Culgeka, and Rog came leaping through, back into space and time, into the fray. Buteo and Lorzod threw themselves into the fight, and Kazakorn rose to his feet, fully healed by Torm, to join the battle as well. Working together, they cut down all of the invasion force occupying the small cavern with ease.

With the immediate threat dispatched, Buteo turned his attention to the energy stream of the teleportation matrix which flowed through the cavern. By tapping into it, Buteo was able to not only shut it off—keeping more invaders from pouring into the mountain and its city—but also reverse it. All surviving Yuan-Ti and human slaves were instantaneously sucked out of the city and transported back the way they had come over arcane currents.

Though this momentary victory bought Ruul time, Codrus knew it would not be long before the city faced a more conventional assault. Together with his allies, both old and new, he made his way to his throne and began planning the coming war.



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