The Chronicles of Uth

The Chaining of Tharizdun

Season One, Episode Nine (Air date: 7/22/2010)

Avandra and the Advents of Ruul emerged into the voidlike flux of residuum, at the heart of all creation and outside time itself, where they were joined by other allies: the goddesses Chauntea and Shar, as well as King Torm. There, Torm took Codrus aside and told him that he could no longer remain king of Ruul, as he had chosen to assist the Elder Goddesses in their ritual and would not be able to return to Uth as the mortal he currently was once it had been completed. King Torm then named Codrus as his chosen successor to the throne.

After Codrus’ acceptance, the Advents, the Elder Goddesses, and their king gathered together to lay out their plan. The goddesses explained that an extra-dimensional prison had been constructed to contain Tharizdun, and four islands bearing specially constructed shrines which would be used to empore the prison presently orbited it within the sea of residdum. Torm and the three goddesses would take up position on each shrine and offer up portions of their own energies—divine in the case of the goddesses, and Torm’s own life force filling out the fourth portion. The interweaving of these energies would bind Tharizdun into his prison. The sorcerer Gnash would be responsible for conducting the ritual. Meanwhile, the rest of the party would have to remain vigilant against the residuum itself. It would see the ritual as invasive and retaliate, like a natural force, spontaneously creating from its own essence aberrant creatures to attack and disrupt the ritual.

As the ritual progressed, all remained unaware that the alien creature which Gnash had seen in his visions at the Gnawstubble hideout was none other than Tharizdun. Enticed by the power Gnash believed he could wield if the god’s energy could be harnessed, Gnash worked his own arcane ritual into the one which had been planned by the goddesses, attempting to open a channel into the god’s prison which he hoped he could use to command Tharizdun’s power. The success of his ritual had unanticipated results for the power-seduced sorcerer: Tharizdun reached out through the conduit, taking possession of Gnash to actively fight against the ritual with physical form beyond his divine cage. Under the deity’s control Gnash first lashed out at Jinsoku, slaying him outright.

The killing blow proved also to be a moment of rebirth; once a figment of his imagination, Jinsoku’s patron Sandahoku came into physical being as he reached out for his aid one final time, with such faith and belief in his patron that the energies of creation within the residuum made his existence a reality. Sandahoku entered into mortal combat with the possessed Gnash and cut him down in an epic battle, while the surviving Advents continued to protect the shrines from an onslaught of indescribable aberrations.

With the immediate threat dispatched, Sandahoku completed the ritual which had originally been intended. The great Abyss which had been woven into being to contain Tharizdun’s cage—a prison within a prison, hidden away within the deepest layers of creation—swallowed the god, Uth’s creator, and closed behind him, sealing him away.

Sandahoku promised the Advents that he would continue to watch over them, and return to them at a time of great desperation and need, before he parting ways. As Shar and Avandra made their exit, Chauntea informed the new king that he would be returning to a nation under siege by the Yuan-Ti, and offered to open a portal for him and his allies to return to the thick of battle. Torm, newly ascended into godhood as a biproduct of the ritual, offered his blessing and hope that his work as a mortal would not completely crumble—that instead Codrus and his companions would be able to save his dreams from total destruction.

And then, the party stepped through Chauntea’s portal to return home.



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