The Chronicles of Uth

Snakes on a Plain

Season One, Episode Seven (Air date: 7/8/2010)

The Advents of Ruul made their way deeper into the Gnawstubble hideout, at last confronting their leader in an acquifer with a strange, radiant pool of alien liquid. From it emerged a mass of goblins that had somehow been magically contorted into a giant flesh golem. After slaying it, and the goblin leader, the party investigated the pool and discovered it to be some form of bleeding wound in reality, opened by the impact of the fallen star. As they worked together to find some way to slow the bleeding, Gnash’s attunement to the cavern’s strange energies triggered a vision of an indescribable, alien creature.

The sorcerer chose to keep the knowledge of this vision to himself.

After the deed had been done, the wound in space and time temporarily plugged, the Advents received word from Gorn via Rog’s sending stone that the orc Warlord and a battalion of orcs had disappeared on patrol. The party was also stunned to discover that they could not make contact with King Torm via his sending stone, which he had sworn he would have on him at all times. The party quickly wrapped up their efforts in the caves and made their way back to Crossroads.

Camping for the night, they awoke to find Di-Kala gone with a parting gift of freshly hunted food; then, they continued their journey, whereupon they were ambushed by a raiding party of Yuan-Ti, expertly cut down, and captured…



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