The Chronicles of Uth

On the Threshold of Fate

Season One, Episode Eight (Air date: 7/15/2010)

The party awoke in a dungeon of unidentifiable architecture, and were surprised to find their fellow Advent, Rog, imprisoned with them. Unwilling to resign themselves to their fates, the party worked to find some means of escape… to no avail.

Soon, they were surprised by the arrival of Di-Kala, who chose to repay her debt to them for saving her life by betraying her own people to aid their escape. After releasing them from their cells and redistributing their gear, she parted ways with the party so as not to face incrimination for her assistance, and the Advents began the process of escaping the fortress of the Yuan-Ti. Culgeka took the lead, applying his dungeoneering knowledge to the task of navigating the structure’s unmapped halls.

A wrong turn found them not heading for the exit, but into a large audience chamber. There, they hid in the shadows and observed an exchange between a mysterious woman, cloaked in shadow, as well as a group of Yuan-Ti in regal garb, and a gargantuan, red-scaled dragon the others referred to as Dal’Sarnquin—a name, and a presence, that struck an unspoken chord in Culgeka.

Knowning themselves to be outmatched, they continued their journey to the exit, breaking a complex magical seal to exit the fortress, whereupon they swiftly discovered from observance of the stars that they were easily months from home. Settling on a cardinal direction of escape, they began their trek home, stumbling along the way upon a small agricultural field and tent city. There, a group of Yuan-Ti slavemasters were in the process of punishing a group of primitive, bipedal humanoid creatures. Choosing to save the “hairless apes”, the party found them to be helpful allies: one recognized the party as having been brought through a nearby magical portal, erected by the Yuan-Ti.

The slaves led the party to the site of the portal, and Gnash began the process of deciphering how to set the arcane coordinates for a return trip home. Before they could utilize the portal, a third mysterious woman appeared. She identified herself as Avandra, and Chauntea and the woman cloaked in shadow as her sisters, explaining in the simplest terms early mortal beings could understand the basic concept of what the three of them were: goddesses.

She explaining that the fallen star the Advents had been sent by their king to investigate was not in fact a star, but their father: Tharizdun, Lord of Chaos. Imploring the party that a fate far greater than that of Ruul’s against the invading Yuan-Ti would very soon befall the whole of Uth without their aid, she enlisted their assistance in her and her sisters’ plot to chain Tharizdun in a grand Abyss, created by them to imprison him, as a last hope to save all of Uth from an untold destruction.

When the party accepted her task, Avandra diverted the coordinates of the portal and infused it with her own divine energy to peel back reality itself, and pull the party over the veil and into the very void of residuum from which all reality had first been created, where waited her father and the prison constructed for him, to be activated by the hands of Uth’s first heroes, its first adventurers: the Advents of Ruul.



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