The Chronicles of Uth

Fate of the Gnawstubble

Season One, Episode Six (Air date: 7/1/2010)

Led by the goblin called Smug, the Advents and Di-Kala journeyed deep into the wilderness beyond the Cairngorms, to a desolate place whose landscape had been forever altered by the fell energies of the fallen star. There, they carefully descended into the crater to a series of caves which Smug revealed his fellow tribesmen had made their home shortly after the impact. Inside, they discovered that Smug’s goblin brethren had been driven to some form of madness, cutting and clawing on themselves as if in an effort to augment their own flesh. The very walls of the caves glowed with veins of an alien, arcane energy which was discovered to be capable of not only animating the flayed flesh of the dead which now adorned the cave’s walls, but also bringing life to things which never contained it, such as a hulking mound of refuse and trash that was filled with a singular, bloodthirsty rage. Recovering a fragment of a magical artifact from a goblin hexer, Gnash was able to attune himself to the alien energies. With this newfound connection, he felt its ebb and flow through the natural structure; then, working with Culgeka’s superb sense of direction, he began to lead the party deeper into the glowing stone caverns, making their way to the energy’s source…



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