“Sit, and drink, as I recount a tale…

It is the story of ancestral heroes and their adversaries, clashing in a forgotten era when the forces of Law and Chaos struggled to find their place within the minds of savage species. Gather around as I weave the intriguing web of an era when minotaurs ruled from their labyrinthine fortress-cities, built by kobold slaves in the hearts of mountains; when goblins toiled at the soil of the land to feed their overlords, while preyed upon by brutal gnolls and sly kenku. It was a time when mighty tribes of orcs faced extinction at the hands of invaders from a distant land. Listen as I speak of the Chaining of Tharizdun, the birth of gods, the War of Wyrms, and—in the end—the Fall of Ruul.

These early conflicts gave birth to the foundations of civilization—a tool which would later afford younger races, such as your own, the luxury to fight the war between Good and Evil for control of the heart.

Yes, human; you have inherited a cosmic burden of a magnitude you cannot yet comprehend.

To understand it, you must understand the Age of Savage Realms that shaped your world. Only then may you overcome that burden, and vie against the most ancient of foes to escape Fate, seize Destiny, and write your own ending to the Chronicles of Uth…"

— Gnash the Wanderer, Chronicler of Uth